Belkorn, the best from nature. With passion, since 1965.

  • First producer of organic kids’ and babies’ biscuits in Europe
    PS: we also make organic biscuits for adults
  • No to preservatives, artificial flavouring and colouring
  • 0% added sugar biscuits using ingredients which all have a natural origin
  • Fruit cereal biscuits with a high nutritional profile
  • Long-term private label partner

With more than 30 years of experience, our mission is still the same: we take the best from nature in a responsible way to bake honest, healthy and delicious organic biscuits for toddlers and babies.


Belkorn exclusively uses certified organic ingredients with the EU organic label as a guarantee.


Toddlers love our tasty BISKids biscuits. And mums do too…


Belkorn’s BISkids biscuits have a pure and delightful taste, and are free from preservatives, artificial flavouring and colouring. By using unrefined ingredients, Belkorn’s BISkids are rich in fibres and minerals, and all the important nutritional elements are retained.


Furthermore, Belkorn only uses plant-based margarine without palm oil, and BISkids biscuits are fully vegetarian.


To sum up, our kids’ biscuits are healthy, delicious and delightful for your kids.

Belkorn BISkids, the first organic kids’ and babies’ biscuits in Europe since the ‘80s

Toddlers love our Organic biscuits. Mums too :-)

• No added sugar

• Spelt

• 35% apple

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• Belgian chocolate

• Wholegrain

• Natural vanilla

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Discover how healthy our

kids' biscuits are

• No added sugar

• Wholegrain

• 4 x mini-bags

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